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Matt Groening

Matt Groening has been one of my favorite artists for as long as I can
remember. The cartoons he creates are not only funny, but are unique and
well drawn. One of his unique animation qualities is the overbite that the
characters have. His figures are easy to recognize and his work can easily
be spotted. Matt is best known for creating “The Simpsons,� but he has
helped create many other projects. He is from Springfield, Oregon and choose
to start drawing because of his dislike of school. His career started with
comic strips called “Life in Hell,� these eventually turned into “The
Simpsons.� It is interesting to note how much “The Simpsons� actually
represents Groening’s life. Matt’s mother and father are Margaret (Marge)
and Homer. His sisters are Maggie and Lisa. He was going to name Bart
“Matt,� but he thought this would too much resemble his family. Instead he
chose Bart from the word brat, he likens the character to himself and Dennis
the Menace. He also uses his aunt Patties name, but leaves out his father’s
name. Instead he uses his middle name Abraham, furthermore his two son’s
names are Homer and Abe. I like the fact that he is so involved in his work,
there isn’t a distinct line between his life and his cartoon. Watching his
work, it is very comical and non-serious, but after learning more about his
life I get the feeling that his work is very serious and personal to him.