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MFA Exhibition-Scrapes

Artist: Caroline Kent
Title: The City Wall From Inside Me
Medium: Mixed Media
Year: 2008

This sculpture, or mixed media work, is a brilliant homage to the 80's kind of angst to be found in galleries all over Soho courtesy of Basquiat or even Haring in their heyday. I really was impressed by this piece because of (1) the enormity of its scope (2), the strategically-placed graffiti scrawls and color shocks out of the precious 80's color palette like peach and baby blue, and finally, for its irregular-shaped and sawed-off form, a kind of embryo in its mutated stage. Really, Kent has created something sublime here, a kind of hodge-podge of swirling, muted and incomprehensible emotion, played out in symbols, flakes and splattered paint. There were many impressive works in this exhibit; I was really amazed at the quality and the thoughtfulness evoked in each effort. Kent's piece was effectively striking and a little bit unnerving at the same time. My favorite kind of art!