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MFA Seaworthy

At the Seaworthy exhibition at the Nash Gallery I thought all the artwork was exceptionally beautiful. All of the vibrant colors the artists used added a perfect seasonal touch for spring. Josie Lewis’s 2008 Spire, Compact, Bridge work as well as the rest of the series was interesting to me. I loved how they were all made with found pieces of unique paper and resin. I had to ask the worker what resign was because I had never heard of it and when I found out it made me want to go home and make something with it. The resign gave it a clean finish as well as a 3-D affect because she used it in layers, which made the paper forms seem everlasting in a deep, mysterious orbit. By using a wide range of names for the titles while having the artworks appear similar in style it gave the viewer a glimpse of the artist’s personality, or it at least made me think she has a fun, humorous attitude and I envisioned my Aunt. Due to this I think the artwork was very successful because I liked the unique combination with materials, patterns, colors, and titles. Also to have a contemporary styled piece of patterned paper remind me of my Aunt and family memories is a big accomplishment that I believe requires a lot of talent.