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Paradise and Purgatory

I was informed there were two different floors that had pieces, not sure if they were from the same exhibit. So I chose one from both floors.

The exhibit on the first floor was by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne. “Three that were you� was so beautiful and sweet. The model looked so peaceful and serene. The feather shapes added a nice soft texture, almost protecting and cradling the child. She used that same model in two other pieces as well.

The fourth floor had the ‘Paradise and Purgatory� exhibit. The piece that really caught my attention was ‘Ezekiel 1:5’ by Josie Lewis. The colors were very bright and beautiful. It was a smaller piece so it took a moment for me to notice that it was a very intricate collage of eyes that made up the shape of the fish. My interpretation would be leaning more towards paradise more than purgatory.