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Michael Blomberg
Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart

I love the reference to the bygone era of machines that would deliver an illusion of animation or three-dimensionality for a penny. I have seen a number of them in person and am very fascinated with them. The chalk in conjunction with the paint and other materials really capture the aesthetic of these machines. The penny slot is a great touch of realism that makes it seem as if this may be an actual pennyodean. The backlighting of the images looks great and the plastic lens lend an eerie fog that accentuates the dynamic of peering through a window. The crank works great and makes this piece even more interactive.
My only critique is that the stereoptic photos are placed backwards causing the dimensionality to be inverted. However, they still look 3d and most people could never tell. Bravo for exploring a neglected and beautiful medium with a rich history.