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Playing with Fire

Although I did take a look at all of the pieces on display from the iron pour, it did not take much thought at all to pick my favorite. “Teuithis (Squid)? by Timothy Kraus caught my eye right away because I’ve always liked squid and octopus and things with tentacles. I’ve spent plenty of time gutting boxes of squid in my mom’s kitchen, beheading them with my thumb and getting ink squirts on the backsplash and my shirt.
I like animals in art also. The tentacles always make for interesting texture, both visually and tactilely. I’ve uses tentacle motif in my art, including teapots, printmaking, beading, and sewing, so anytime I see it in other’s artwork, I tend to notice. I only counted 8 tentacles though. and squid have 10, but whatever, I didn’t really care if it was anatomically correct. there were teeth and stuff too. I liked that the artist abstracted the squid into a monster. I like the unpolished surface of the iron too. all the different natural colors and textures on the surface is pretty cool.