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Playing With Fire

I chose Joseph T. Kelly III’s Iraqi War Memorial Proposal for my artwork
choice. The piece was made out of bronze in 2007. I chose this piece over
the rest for two main reasons. My first reason is because I like political
art pieces. I like them because most people have a response to them. This
is mainly because most people know what’s going on in the world and it
always becomes an opinionated topic. The other reason I chose this piece is
because there is water that spouts from the top, which caught my attention.
The artwork’s base looks like a bucket of some sort that is holding a lot
of human skulls. In the center of the skull pile is a cubic cylinder that
resembles the Washington Monument. On top of the cubic shape is where the
water pours out and then trickles down the cylinder to the skulls. The
title of the piece shows that the artist wants it to be a proposal for the
Iraqi war that is currently going on. I think it is a good idea and I like
that artists are already thinking about a memorial for it. However, I don’t
know how some people are going to take all the human skulls since this was
such a debatable war in the first place.