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Chris Baker's Project

As I was walking through the Kathryn Nash Gallery I couldn't help but hear a low noise, but I wasn't completely sure where it was coming from. I kept looking at the exhibits and as I made my way toward the far side of the gallery I noticed the noise got louder, and thats when I finally found the source - hundreds of videos with faces and audio to go with them. As I sat down to really try and take it all in I first found my self trying to find the single video from which the singularly more audible voice was coming from (which kept rotating eventually). As I searched the whole scape of videos I realized I was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. But as I continued to pass over all of these people telling whatever it was they wanted to confess to the camera, I started focus on individuals more and more. After being in the room for a while I had reached the point of essentially drowning out the audio for the most part and would focus on people. I kept thinking about how it was cool that every single individual I could see had their own unique and personal story they were sharing with the world by videotaping a "diary" of sorts. Each had something they were trying to express to whoever would listen. As I was getting ready to leave again and kind of snapped back into reality (for lack of a better way of stating it) I once again could hear the mushed and jumbled sounds together and sort of went the other end of the spectrum with my thoughts on the project as I left because I then started just admiring the fact that collectively it seemed like chaos. But somehow within that chaos of audio and video stimulation I could separate myself from everything and had a moment where it all seemed to drown out and be quiet. That transition into, and consequently out of, that moment was the feeling that I remember most about the project.