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Daniel Chen
Daughter of the River 2008
Mixed Media on Wood

I unfortunately missed the Spark Festival, so to make it up I went back to Chambers Hotel and viewed the new exhibit in the Burnet Art Gallery. The new exhibit is Juxtaposition Arts - Constructive Criticism. I am a fan of "aerosol" and that was a large reason why I wanted to visit this gallery. The Burnet Art Gallery isn't a very large space, so all the art is visible at first glance. And, when I entered into the room this piece immediately caught m attention. the dark background with the brightly colored, off-set flowers was very appealing to look at. The first thought that came to mind was how beautiful it was. I really like how the artist also in incorporated aspects of language and sex into this piece. It is a very dramatic piece and the small amount of graffiti fits well into the piece. The message I took away from it was the strong interaction between beautiful words with sexual undertones.