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tectonic industries: The desire to stay versus the inevitability of change

I'm not quite sure what to make of this piece. I have never seen the movie
The Birds, so initially I was unfamiliar with the dialogue. After realizing
it was from the movie I stood in the room and listened to the actors on the
screen recite the script. It was very intriguing to hear the exchange but
have no visual aspects from the movie. It takes a lot of the meaning away
from the actual movie. It was interesting how the settings of the different
actors were placed in domestic areas. I liked how the individual actors
went about daily activities; the period of time I watched it there was one
man who even fell asleep. I am still trying to make sense of the piece. I
think the title of the work "the desire to stay versus the inevitability of
change" places significance on the settings. I believe there to be a
correlation between a classic movies/time and current pop culture. We want
things to stay the same but with so many new things in the world that
stimulate our senses it is hard to appreciate the old.