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Rachel B.

The colors in ‘Seabird’ by Gary Hum, are beautiful and totally brighten up the front sitting area of the Chambers lounge. I was able to visit during the day with the natural sunlight beaming through the windows, allowing the colors to really pop out at you. The blue in the background really accented the different colored spheres. I found this piece to be very welcoming.

“Other Thing’ by Subodh Gupta is a great piece to put in the entrance. My daughter immediately ran to it, wanting to feel the ‘things’ hanging from it, completely ignoring the rope in front of the piece, preventing just that. It reminded me of a really big Koosh ball, the weird, rubbery balls I played with as a child. I asked my daughter what she liked about the piece and she said, “It’s shiny.?

The most impressive piece that I found today was ‘Pencil 1’ by Hon Kyong Tack. The size alone was massive The colors were amazing and the detail was incredible. It took many years for him to finish the piece and I can only imagine the satisfaction he had once it was complete.