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Rachel B.

Neekol J. is 29 years old, born and raised in Minnesota. She grew up in a suburb of Saint Paul and now resides on the East Side of Saint Paul. She works for the Humane Society. She has a huge passion for animals and a not so huge passion for humans. Once a social butterfly, now she is a homebody playing with her cats or making art. She has definitely grown a lot as an artist as well as a person in the time that I have known her. Neekol and her artwork always cease to amaze me.

Some of the first pieces I saw were black and white scribbles of little peoples or creatures. The faces are often uneven and very raw. The eyes and the teeth often pop out at you, in a very creepy and intimidating way. Once in a while there will be a tiny splash of color thrown in. I am not a big fan of the creepy art genre but this series is quite cute to me.

Then she discovered Photoshop. I have seen a lot of work done by many different people in Photoshop but I would have to say that Ms. Jensen has a style all her own. Color in art is very appealing to me and I really enjoy when artist use it vividly! Neekol has an amazing eye for color. She loves to use her own image, often contorting her self into these very insane images. I feel that she often uses this as a form of therapy, telling the viewer how insane she really feels sometimes. They seem to me like dreams or drug induced hallucinations. Some would definitely describe them as a nightmare. She has also used images of the animals she works with. She has met a lot of strange animals with all kinds of backgrounds and she has portrayed their personalities by morphing their faces to tell what kind of personality they have, like she does with her own image. Her most recent project is making buttons. She uses skulls, crossbones, colorful faces and photos.

I have a real appreciation for her work because it is a medium that has been done many times before. Neekol’s work seems very original and stands out from the rest. Check out her images….http://www.flickr.com/people/neekol/