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River to Infinity

The River to Infinity exhibit initially scared the hell out of me as the base boomed right when I walked in the door. Initially, I noticed the silver, reflective prisms in back. As the sound came, I noticed a video on the walls that was of prisms blowing up and on fire. It was really interesting to see the river made from silver material, but in back, the prisms were destroyed. I think the exhibit is dark with light shining on certain points of the reflective, silver metal in order to display just a little beauty. The exhibit represents that nothing is infinite and everything eventually gets destroyed. The horses are like those of the final ending of the Earth. It's interesting that they are on turn-tables like modern-day cars. Horses used to be a main form of transportation, but are rarely used now as they have been replaced by the car. They are headless to show that even the most holy, powerful things such as the ultimate horses can still be disfigured/destroyed. It's a very powerful exhibit.