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Robert Silvers - "American Flag"

Once I FINALLY got to the Chambers Hotel, after a hectic trip preceding it, I was glad to find that it was a really interesting place with lots to see and experience. It is really a cool idea with the whole Hotel/Art Gallery combination – the whole “experience? of the rest of the hotel all fits and ties together with the contemporary art that fills it. I had to laugh when our tour guide (forgot her name? sorry!) showed us the Robert Silvers “American Flag? (2004) because she mentioned how it was a popular piece for many of the guests because its something the can quickly understand and grasp – which is obviously clearly what I thought. But besides feeling like a completely unoriginal amateur art enthusiast, I did think the Photomosiac piece was a multi-faceted work. I say this because it somewhat reminds me of the George Morrison piece I looked at a few weeks before where you can perceive basically two completely distinct works depending upon your perspective. From a backed-off position, as we were when we were first shown the piece, you can clearly make out the waving American flag. Then upon moving closer and looking at each individual picture that make up the mosaic, you can find yourself getting lost in all the different (often recognizable) beautiful views from around the country – and in this examination you lose track of the deep perspective and that they all work together to create a larger work (the flag) as well. It was this dynamic that had even the attention and appreciation of an art beginner like me.