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Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí is a famous Spanish artist who was born in the early 20th century. His art is defined as “surrealism,? which is a type of art where normal, everyday, ‘real’ things are juxtaposed in weird ways or made to be less real. Dalí’s works seem to be influenced by those of the Renaissance-era. Dalí is thought by many to be crazy, but what artist isn’t these days? He went to art schools as a kid where he learned to draw and paint well. He grew up painting, more and more, and eventually painted his most famous painting, The Persistence of Memory, in 1931. This painting depicts a desert-like landscape with clocks that appear to be melting and ants on a bag or clock of some sort. The clocks represent time that is spent just melting away, while the ants depict decay and rotting away. I think that it overall symbolizes how time is just slowly being eaten away and the warm, desert landscape just helps to create that dry, ominous feeling. Dalí has done many interesting works, which is why I became so interested in his art when studying him in Spanish. Another of his paintings that we studied was like a picture of Abraham Lincoln and a picture of a naked woman combined into one. His surrealist style led to many neat, unique paintings. They challenge viewers to look at life from a little different perspective, one that is a bit more surreal. I think he’s a super interesting artist and his work really reveals this point.