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Scapes, Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

In the Nash Gallery’s Scapes, Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition, Christopher Baker’s Hello World! Or: How I learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise, 2008 video projection was enormously impressive. There was 8 channel audios that displayed a huge wall of random you tube videos. I thought it was a creative idea, especially in the 21st century. While you sit there and watch it becomes overwhelming because you realize how many people spend so much time alone on their computers. There does not have to be any interaction between people anymore. I was also surprised how many phones went off while they were online, which helps demonstrate the use of technology. There was a guy sitting next to me who said, “I feel kind of like God, just hanging out ant watching everyone.? I thought that was a unique way of looking at the artwork. Baker was present while I was at the exhibition and he explained that he felt it was an accurate description of how he saw the world today. I agree with him on this on so many levels. I am reminded of this every time a computer crashes because people become dependent upon them and do not know what to do.