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Scholarship Exhibition (Quarter Gallery)

"Is that all right" By: Sarah Reuter caught my attention because it was the first thing I heard walking into the gallery. I recognized the song as Damien Rice's "Nine Crimes." In this work of art, a guy says goodbye, gets on a boat, gets off at the shore on the other end. Birds follow him there and he ends up shooting the birds and creating a lot of blood and gore. It looked like a flipbook or stop motion piece using animation with pastel and charcoal. The thing that stuck out to me was that it didn't look like the artist used new pages, it looked like they simply wiped off/smeared the old picture and moved by drawing the new picture a little differently. This created a sort of shadow behind each new picture from smear marks which was really neat looking. It was overall a violent piece complete with a lot of blood and the smearing of the pastels and charcoal really added to it.