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Seaworthy: Thesis Exhibition

I chose to write about Cheryl Clyne's thesis exhibition, and more specifically the back room of the Katherine Nash Gallery. Cheryl had a video playing of clouds, moving as they normally would in the sky. On the back wall were posted various works which included children playing in/on pinkish clouds. The children were see-sawing, playing catch, riding ponies, swinging, it was very cute. All the children had the heads of a bear. It was very interesting, because at first I thought they were playing on clouds, but as I kept observing, I thought maybe it could be pinkish smoke that simulates destruction, or even dust and they're playing on a foreign planet? While looking at them again as clouds, I decided that the children were playing in this heavenly-setting, enjoying themselves as all kids do. The clouds of the video solidified my idea that they were indeed on clouds, and I think overall, it created a sense of harmony, balanced by the heads of bears that may have instigated a hint of fear. The contrast was very neat.