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Spark Exhibition

At Spark, a festival of electronic music and arts, Ali Momeni’s 2008 Timing is Everything artwork captured my attention. The work was displayed on the floor behind the staircase at the West Bank Arts Quarter. The piece consists of about 31 light bulbs connected to wires that are arranged in a cluttered line. There are two speakers that play what sounds to be a miscellaneous note scheme to the right and left of the light bulb arrangement. For every note that is played a light bulb lights up. The idea behind the piece is clever and the title brings it to another level. It makes me question the artist’s reasoning. I’m not exactly sure what she is trying to say by the title, but maybe that is what she wants. Maybe her goal was for it to have multiple meanings. I also question the one light bulb that is larger than the rest. It could be there for an electronical purpose or it could hold a symbolic meaning. Overall, I like Ali Momeni’s work of art and think Spark is a unique addition to the West Bank Arts Quarter.