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Spark Exhibition

"Hypnica" 2007.
Paul Marinis.

A talking metronome uses the voice of a hypnotist synchronized to lull active listeners into a sonic trance. At first I did not like this piece, a electronic rock group was blaring noises at the Spark Party, so I did not have the proper environment to appreciate this piece. However, finding a quiet moment in the evening this weekend in the vicinity of the piece, I decided to give it another try. The synchronized pacing of the voice and metronome clicks were very entrancing. The loop is long and circular, allowing the listeners to remain for many minutes without noticing any repetition.

I had a very good discussion with the artist. We share many of the same interests and ideologies in technology and art, and it was a true pleasure to have an intelligent and informed conversation of past, present and potential projects. We had a wonderful exchange about the psychological, aesthetic and technological implications of stereoptic video and photography. I rarely meet like-minded artists, (especially established ones, Marinis teaches at Stanford), with a similar interest, humor and technology of art.