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Spencer Wirth-Davis..."Mythed Bodies"

This collage of images makes a statement about the true role the media and popular culture play in the way many people (unfortunately) perceive themselves. Personally it just makes me think about how much we as a society are BOMBARDED every day with images of slim/muscular/big breasted/good looking/sexual content and even as much as people may try to distance themselves, it is not escapable. His work is (as it is intends to do) a sad reminder of how overly emphasized certain things are within our society and it is tough to think about the fact that all too many people cannot separate the advertising and marketing ploys of corporate America from the personal self evaluations. As I look at all the images and how they are so cluttered across the wall it relates, for me at least, to the feeling of how we are overwhelmed by all of these types of images and advertisements and getting away from true, real-life bodies and aspirations for how people really should view themselves vs. the virtually unattainable perfection all-too-often portrayed through things like these advertisements.