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Tectonic Industries

This display had eight TVs on both sides. Each showed a couch or sofa or seating of some sort. There were some people sitting on some of them. Some talked or coughed, while some just stared into blank space. It reminded me of a horror film, being surrounded by all this video. Sometimes someone would respond to something someone else on the other side of the room said. There was an attack at a school, talk of the end of the world, or just some silence. It was hard to tell if it was recorded or live video/webcams streaming. I didn't see DVD players or anything. The room was dark, not more than 2 lights, and some people were drinking bottles of beer. It wasn't until I read about the art that I understood that it was a reenactment of the movie, "The Birds," in a simple setting, out of context. It was creepy, but that made sense because the movie itself was creepy. It all came together.