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Walker Art Center

Artist: Joan Miro
Title: Femme Debout (Standing Woman)
Medium: Bronze
Year: 1969

Joan Miro has always been a problem for me. While I've always admired his work, truly admired his work, his sensibility, his vision, his grade schoolesque collages, there's just something about the SIMPLICITY of his work that leaves me wanting something MORE. Something a little more soul-searching and substantial than just the odd wispy collection of tidy shapes, deft scribbles and primary colors. No one can argue that he wasn't an original, and his bronze, Femme Debout, sort of defies my sound-off above because this piece really does have bite and whimsy and heft. Shaped like a ball on top of a cone, this alien-like woman in bronze has two bulbous eyes, a beak for a mouth, the usual upper body female indicators and most curious of all, a curved slit down her center. Yet, this slit isn't disturbing, it's almost graceful. The work IS graceful, and elegant, with its smooth lines and glossy bronze surface. Miro has deviated from his usual MO, and this piece really embraces the harmony of his work: the abstract, simple shapes coupled with a sublime soul. One of my favorite pieces at the Walker.