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February 27, 2008

Autobiographical Image

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Autobio Image


Autobio Image


February 25, 2008


Carlos DeGroot

This work of art made me rethink how to approach it because it seems so unconventional. Basically it consists of several wooden frames and beds that move water from one place to the next. There is also elaborate tubing involved in the process, but the most interesting part is what is contained in the beds. Some have rocks, others fungus, and one section at the end is filled with plants. This retroactively turns the entire thing into a living work of art which with the pumps attached seems like it could maintain itself. This may be one of the most unique pieces of art that I’ve looked at all semester.

River to Infinity

River to Infinity
Andrea Stanislav

This exhibit completely blew me away, I anticipated it to only be a video presentation, but seeing the full exhibition I really had to take a moment to soak it all in. The multimedia presentation offered a great basis for the rest of the exhibit, and seeing how the mirrored sculpture complemented the video was really unexpected. The incorporation of the vanishing point definitely pulls all of the parts together and creates a landscape. I can see where the title of the exhibit came from as the mirrors kind of reflect the images like water and with the vanishing point the river extends to… well infinity. This may have been my favorite exhibit I’ve visited so far this semester.

Tectonic Industries

Tectonic Industries
Evan Drolet Cook

Tectonic Industries was a really interesting exhibit to walk in on, it was definitely not what I was expecting. When I saw the presentation I was a trying to figure out what to make of it, it is definitely not the typical art show. One of the first questions that ran through my mind was whether or not the material was filmed individually or if it was done like a teleconference. I also wondered whether everything was scripted or not, and figured that it wasn’t because there were empty TVs of people who likely left during the taping. When I found the exhibit guide and saw that it was about the movie Birds the whole thing started to make a lot more sense. I thought the idea and execution was really interesting and definitely worth checking out.

February 23, 2008

Autobio photo

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I figure if I am writing about an artist I might as well write about my favorite one, or I guess at least my favorite painter - Salvador Dali. I find it hard to categorize something as my favorite because there are too many different ways to think about why they are my favorite. If I was talking about composition I might say Seurat or Pollock; if I was talking about beauty in brush strokes I might say Monet but I think in the overall quality of the paintings Dali has to be my favorite. Every time I look at one of his works I am intrigued to look at it more deeply; Dali has a knack for doing the unexpected, which is why he characterizes the surrealist genre. He will often use juxtaposition such as in Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening as well as often including bizarre objects in most of his paintings, most famously the melting watches in his The Persistence of Memory. Dali’s pieces are not only visually appealing but will often include deep symbolism, such as in Soft Construction with Boiled Beans in which he makes commentary about the Spanish Civil War and how it was tearing his country apart. Dali to me is one of the most striking contemporary painters which is why he has become my favorite.

February 20, 2008


Chris Ballantyne

The exhibit I went to at the Walker was about suburbia, which of course I would love to see artistic critiques of. There were some amazing works in the exhibit including one showing a garden growing on the walls inside of a house. But I opted for this piece instead because it was able to say so much while still remaining very simplistic. It shows a small grove of trees on a patch of grass in the center, this is drawn with a limited color scheme and makes the trees look like they were bitmapped. Solid white lines are drawn protruding from each corner placing the grove in a parking lot! I thought this was really clever, because it so clearly and simply shows the commoditization in our culture. We have done this so much that nature has ceased to be the norm rather it is used as an escape from our world, or in this case just a aesthetic accessory to our modern life.

Chango Devine

Chango Devine

This entire exhibit was really cool to go to. I really liked the idea of a community based art program that goes back to its own benefit, and the artists are extremely talented. I never would have guessed that the works in the exhibit were all made by the youth in the program. I picked this piece in particular because it really speaks to the relationship between individual and community and how the artist feels that they fit into it. The work is very symbolic as the artist describes in their summary, the juxtaposition is very clear between a dark almost scary Minneapolis skyline which symbolizes the violence that occurs primarily at night in north Minneapolis. This makes a stark contrast to the doves in the skyline and the hand reaching out to grasp the word love. The artist says that peace is there, the problem is the people who disrupt it make that peace harder for everyone else to see.

February 19, 2008

Post Bloom

Drew Peterson
“Post bloom (Love of the Corpse Flower)?

This work is really visually appealing and stood out to me at the scholarship exhibit. At first I thought it was a tree, it kind of looks like a tree from The Lorax, but a flower makes a lot more sense. The petals of the flower are painted in with black white and pink, and other petals made of blue translucent plastic are placed over the top. Near the center there are two plaques sticking out from the wall with the words post and bloom written on them in very vibrant colors that echo the colors of the petals which are also represented in the base of the flower. The bottom of the portrait is really interesting because it’s as if the colors are melting there is a square in the middle of that with a bunch of calligraphy layer over one another. All together makes this a really beautiful work of art.

Fish Lamp

Frank Gehry
Fish Lamp

I liked this piece a lot just because it was really eccentric. At first I just thought it was a sculpture of a fish, the shapes that make up the base are visually appealing to me, and the flawless fish atop the pedestal drew me in; I couldn’t help but take a closer look. When I saw the glowing edges of some of the scales I thought it was some sort of optical illusion, but as I moved around the sculpture I realized that it had a light inside which had a reddish tint. One of my favorite things about the sculpture is way the light makes the scales seem to pop and the eyes glow. It was hard to choose from the amazing works at the Weisman but I don’t think I could have gone wrong.

This is a makeup for I Heart You.

February 17, 2008

Rift --> Adrift

Sabrina Raaf
Rift - - > Adrift
I struck by this work because I thought it most depicted the idea of “culturing nature.? It is a metallic sculpture at first glance, but look a little closer and you’ll see it is also attached to a motion sensor. Crossing the motion sensor the two plastic figures near the base of the sculpture resembling birds begins moving as if drinking from the small pool in front of them. Although the pool is not filled with water, instead it’s filled with oil. I thought this was really clever because while in the natural world water may be the source of life, in this recreation of the natural its source of artificial life can be tied back to oil. In this way I felt that this work took an element of the natural and adapted it to modern cultural values.

February 16, 2008

My Life...

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February 13, 2008

bunny coronation


autobiographicality part two: the picture

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Grounded in the Ethereal


Autobiographical Image

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Autobiographical Image

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February 11, 2008

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February 6, 2008

Rainbow Path of Life


Last night we baked a pie and saved it for later.


February 4, 2008


Christi Denton

This was a really cool piece of art. It incorporated both the visual and auditory portions of media into the semblance of the whole. Basically it is composed of a box with prerecorded audio, for the portion that I viewed it was xylophones or some other bells, it was a pretty complex song because of how it functioned with the rest of the piece. The composition was wired to a set of light bulbs, each of which corresponds to a certain individual bell. When the music plays it creates a visual light show to go along with the music, which his dazzling.

Paradise and Purgatory

Josie Lewis
Ezekiel 1:5

Walking around the exhibit I was really drawn to this piece because of its composition. I think that the eye is a really interesting subject to incorporate into artwork, and so seeing this piece I had to take a closer look. I’m glad I did because I found out how interesting it really is. The eye is composed of many interesting shapes and colors, while the design seems to have a more fluid feel. The entire image is composed of pictures of people’s eyes and the pictures within create bigger shapes and patterns that eventually create the image of the eye as a whole.

February 2, 2008

Photoshop Tip

One thing i find helpful when editing an image, especially landscapes, is the brightness/ contrast feature. This is found under the adjustments tab, it's helpful for bringing out colors which often makes them easier to work with. For example adjusting the brightness/ contrast can make it easier to modify the hue/ saturation.

February 1, 2008

Chambers Review

Santiago Cucullu
Arcitechtonic vs. HR

The chambers exhibit had many amazing pieces to choose from, so it was very hard to decide which one to review but I chose the piece be Santiago Cucullu. I was really drawn to this piece because of how it mixes ideas and cultures to form a very unique work. This work is composed of many different individual frames that can be put together in many different ways. Each panel has the same style but each is unique. The work as a whole is composed of very vibrant colors and within them cultural images that each tells a story. The patterns and colors draw the viewer into the painting and forces them to look closer at the images within it.