January 1, 2008

BFA graduating show

As I was waiting for a class to get over so I could use our room I started looking around at the new exhibit. As I came across P. Kinne’s 2008 Untitled Acrylics and marker, inkjet print I had to respond. I love all these exhibits because they allow me to see how artists combined mediums together to create unique pieces. I have never used inkjet but after seeing how clear and focused it looked on Kinne’s artwork, it made me want to try it. I wanted to reach out and grab it because the images looked so real! I really like it when I have to question the artist’s intentions and reasons for creating something a certain way, or placement of certain things. In Kinne’s artwork, I had to do that for the marker and acrylic as well as the repetition in the storyline. I also noticed there was a Chinese symbol in the inkjet part of the piece. This makes me wonder what it says, or symbolizes in Kinne’s life or if it correlates with the story. I also liked the placement of the writing and the fact that it was handwritten because I think it gave it a more individualized, emotional appeal. The artwork, as well as the rest of the series, is beautifully done and I would be proud to display one in my home.