January 1, 2008


All the art at the Chambers Hotel was exceptionally amazing and I had
trouble deciding what one piece I was going to respond to. I finally
decided to just drop my pen on my paper and write about the next one that
caught my attention. With this, one can see why my choice resulted with
Subodh Gupta’s 2006 stainless steel Other Thing. It’s one of the first
artworks one sees because of its three-dimensional size and location.
Through the front doors it rests first on the main hallways wall extending
205 cm x 210 cm ∅ 63 cm. It’s made with a numerous amount of stainless
steel chimtas, which is a kitchen tool used for frying rotis. Gupta’s
statement explains that he is from India and he tries to mix his
traditional culture with a modern style within his work. He often uses
everyday utensils, like kitchen tools, and creates massive pieces of work
to make them aesthetic. I found his work to be successful and feel that he
accomplished what he wanted it to attain. Gupta’s statement about his art
was very useful because I would not have understood the cultural references
he added within it. Knowing that extra detail allowed me to appreciate its
meaning and beauty even more.