January 1, 2008

Culturing Technology

The artwork in the Culturing Technology exhibition at the West Bank Quarter’s Gallery was all very thought provoking and unique. It was filled with creative artworks that really expanded the idea of technology in the art world. I found the use of everyday objects cleverly aesthetic. The piece that caught my eye was the big red ball in the corner of the wall with orange foot print stickers below it. When I was first looking at it I thought it looked like a Mr. Potato Head. The use of the bright red caught my attention first. Red is my favorite color, which could be the reason for capturing my attention, but red is also known for doing so and the large scale of the ball played a part. The shadow the red ball casted made me question if the artist had intended on incorporating it into the piece. It also made me smile because it resembled Mr. Potato Head. I like the meaning behind the exhibition and think it’s important to question technology and the boundaries with it in the art world. It’s especially important in today’s world where technology has become so common in everyday routines. Many people are now questioning the significance and realism of art created with or by technology.