January 1, 2008

I Heart U Exhibition

In the “I Heart U� Exhibition, Patrick Vincent’s The Heart is a Weak
Balloon piece captured my attention. This 2006 lithograph and silkscreen
creation was an image of a realistic looking heart that looked well put
together with a black frame and maroon boarder. At first glance I thought
it was a detailed pencil drawing and when I found out that it was not it
made it a bit more unique. Another reason why I chose this piece is because
it is something I would display in my house. I like the colors Vincent
chose. The maroon, black, tan, and off white-tan colors work well with one
another. The picture had a darker tone than most of the others in the
exhibition, which I think helped tie the title in nicely. The title of the
piece allows viewers to think of many different reasons for the artist to
choose its name. The phrase, “The Heart is a Weak Balloon� first made me
wonder if he had just broken up with his girlfriend, since it was around
Valentines Day, but then I questioned if he had someone close to him die
and if so was it meant to be in memory of the loved one. Whatever the
reason, it turned out looking professional and unique.