January 1, 2008

Quarter Gallery: Scholarship and Fellowship Awards 08-09

Since we have been working with stop motion in class I decided to respond to one in the Quarter Gallery. I think Sarah Reuter’s 2007, Is that all Right, stop motion video was a good example to see because it showed me some new possibilities that I could add to mine. In the work she used pastels and charcoal, which I think made it stand out more than pencil would. On my first stop motion I used colored pencils, but I didn’t even think of the huge variety of mediums that could be used for this type of artwork. I also think the music adds so much to the piece and that is what initially caught my attention. I think the music also helps with the mood of the piece and tells a better story. In my first stop motion video the time each picture was viewed was ½ a second. Reuter’s video held each picture for a longer amount of time, which I think gave it more of a “stop? motion appeal and allowed its viewer to have a more in depth thought processes. Reuter’s artwork taught me new ideas about stop motion and inspired me to get more creative.