January 1, 2008

Richard Long

Richard Long was born in Bristol England, where he works and lives to this day. He went to school at the West of England College of Art and there he found his style of art. His style is minimal yet romantic, modern, and conceptual. His art expresses the connection to land by using basic, natural materials and shapes. One example is when he used the ground as a canvas and stones as his medium he was able to create art with a circle on the ground with stones. He is influenced by his own travels in nature and has made many journeys through various types of landscapes. His finished product is about the landscape and the time he spend in it. Overall, the landscape around him influences the type of work he creates. Long makes art out of what he has physically accomplished. For example, making a design in the snow with his own foot prints, a sculpture with stone he finds in the mountains around him, or his own handprints dipped in mud. Throughout all of his artwork, his intent is to make walking an art by photographing art he has created during his travels by foot. He tries to record the relationship between time, distance, geography, space, and measurement. I saw one of his videos and I instantly became a fan of his work. I give him a lot of credit because his artwork requires a lot of patience and time. Before looking at his work I never even knew such things could be created. I really enjoy looking at his artwork and will always be interested in environmental art.