February 19, 2008

Post Bloom

Drew Peterson
“Post bloom (Love of the Corpse Flower)?

This work is really visually appealing and stood out to me at the scholarship exhibit. At first I thought it was a tree, it kind of looks like a tree from The Lorax, but a flower makes a lot more sense. The petals of the flower are painted in with black white and pink, and other petals made of blue translucent plastic are placed over the top. Near the center there are two plaques sticking out from the wall with the words post and bloom written on them in very vibrant colors that echo the colors of the petals which are also represented in the base of the flower. The bottom of the portrait is really interesting because it’s as if the colors are melting there is a square in the middle of that with a bunch of calligraphy layer over one another. All together makes this a really beautiful work of art.