January 16, 2008

Cloud Gate

Anish Kapoor
“Cloud Gate?

This sculpture is really a sight to seem I’ve been to Chicago before but I don’t remember ever seeing this sculpture, and I’m pretty sure I would remember it I had, this sculpture is called the cloud gate but most people refer to it as the bean because… well it looks like a bean but is about 10 feet tall and 15 feet long, and the outer surface is completely coated with reflective metal. As a whole, this sculpture essentially turns the entire city of Chicago into a landscape portrait. It amplifies the magnitude of the city in comparison to yourself when you get up close. You can also walk underneath the sculpture which actually made me dizzy because the walls reflect off one another. I really felt like the bean was an interactive piece of artwork, which is probably why it is one of the city’s prize landmarks.

This is a make up for the Seaworthy exhibit