January 1, 2008

Unofficial auto-bio

Hello this is Andrew Somers and welcome to my blog, it is probably pretty lame, but if you are not part of my family or in my class then nuts to you – deal with it. I was born in San Diego, California lived there for a solid two days before moving back to Minnesota and I’ve lived here ever since. I grew up with a pretty normal life as a white, Christian, middle class, suburban, heterosexual, male. Fortunately I feel that I’ve done a fair job breaking free of those weapons of privilege, but I’m still on the path to becoming myself. For me this means having an open mind and making the best of what this crazy life throws at me. I now go the University of Minnesota, and I’m studying International Studies with a focus on human rights, and social justice. I’m taking this class about time based art, and part of the class is to make a blog and the first post is a bio of ourselves – that pretty much brings us up to the present. So enjoy what you see here, or don’t, but take from it what you may…