January 1, 2008


I am a Korean American and very proud of my heritage. Learning about my own culture and trying to incorporate it into my daily life is very important to me. Besides being involved in my own heritage, I love learning about other’s attitudes. Whether it is through art, music, literature, religion I enjoy it all. I believe myself to be very open-minded and open to trying new things. Ideally, I hope to have a career that will allow me to travel and absorb all there is to absorb.
Currently I am focused on finding the right path to travel. I have traveled down some paths that have lead me to feel lost, so I turn around and start over. I am in no rush. I am strolling down these new courses, not running. Enjoying life is of much importance to me. Life is too short to let it slip between my fingers. That is why I am a person that lives day to day. Not to say I don’t set future goals, but I tend to set my goals to more broad, allowing room to stray from time to time.