January 1, 2008

Edward Kienholz
Nancy Reddin Kienholz
Pedicord Apartments
Mixed Media 1982-1983

I visited the Weisman Art Museum right on campus to make-up the "I Heart You" exhibit I missed. I chose to write about his piece because it is so unique and nothing I have ever seen before and I also like collaborative art. I liked that element of questioning whether this was really art or not. I wanted to study the piece to answer that question. And, my initial thought was that there was no way a replica of an old Seattle apartment building form the early 80's was going to do it for me, artistically speaking. But, after experiencing the piece, the smells of the musty carpet and the stale smoke, and hearing the creepy sounds of the old floor creaking an the noises coming from individual apartment rooms, and seeing the old furniture and not seeing much at all. This steered up a lot of emotions and feelings. I felt curious about what was behind each door and listened for awhile and each individual door had different emotions tied to them. I felt scared to even walk down the hallway. There was also a sense of mystery. So, all in all I left concluding that this was a wonderful piece of art because I believe art is anything that arouses inner emotions and thought.