January 1, 2008

Andréa Stanislav
“River to Infinity - The Vanishing

I found this exhibition to be breath-taking!! I loved the artist's concept
of "formalism and beauty" and how that represented herself. The combination
of sounds and objects created an emotion-filled experience. The notion of
ignorance against mother nature and how it is displayed is like none that I
have ever seen. It is definitely truth with beauty. But, the meaning behind
all the pieces is that of a great one. She wants us all to get past all the
illusions of the world and see the hidden truths. Conveying this through
mirrors was a great way of symbolization. My favorite part of the exhibit
was the headless, rhinestoned horses on rotating platforms. Even though I
am not quite sure of the meaning behind them, I can really appreciate the
aesthetic quality of them. The exhibit was by far one of my favorites and
like I said, none like I have ever seen before. I was very impressed.