January 1, 2008

Josie Lewis
Cut Paper 2008

I really enjoyed this piece because it is one of those that is a bunch of small aspects to create a larger whole. By this I mean, there are a bunch of smaller elements which have been put together to create one single piece. From a distance this work is about an entire eye; wit a closer glimpse you can see there are many tiny, individual eye cut-outs. The intricate detail of the placement of each eye cut-out creates a dramatic eye focusing right at you the viewer. With the artist info there was a passage from the Bible, "And as I looked, behold, four, heavenly creatures, and they had a wheel, and their rims were full of eyes round about (Exekiel 1:5)." I am unfamiliar with this passage from the Bible and also I am unsure if it is the title of the work, but I was able to see the connection between the passage and the piece. It has a circular formation surrounding the eye, like that of a wheel.