April 8, 2007

MFA Thesis Exhibition

I knew what piece I was going to write about the moment I stepped into the Nash Gallery. I could hear the sound of many voices coming from the back of the gallery and headed straight for it. I really enjoyed the piece "Hello World! Or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Love the Noise" by Christopher Baker. The piece was a collage of video projections with an 8 channel audio of different voices. The giant wall of videos looked really neat and i felt it had a life of its own with all of the movement and color. The piece looked like it took a lot of hard work and time which I always appreciate. I enjoyed the different audios going at one time as though I was surrounded by a bunch of people. I felt like the piece was trying to say just enjoy the noise of your surroundings and stop thinking too hard about what everyone is saying. The diversity of the piece was also neat. It was like looking at the world through videos of people!