April 4, 2007

Walker Exhibition

When visiting the walker, I enjoyed all of the art so it was very difficult for me to pick just one piece. With my background in architecture, it was clear that I would take a special interest in the Worlds Away: New Suburban Landscapes exhibition. One piece in there that I really enjoyed was ā€œSelf-Storageā€? by Kim Beck. It was layers of paper cut out differently to give it a 3D aspect of a house. Graphite lines were added to give it a little bit more definition. I was amazed at how the artist made the cut outs line up to make it seem like you were looking through the house. It was as if I was getting every view of the house at one time. I admire the intelligence and thought it took to plan and figure out how to piece it all together. Although the piece had no color, which I normally enjoy looking at, I was still drawn to this piece more than any other one.