January 1, 2008

M.C. Escher

M.C. Escher

I began wondering about what artist I could do this little write-up assignment about when all of a sudden I had a mini-flashback to high school and remembered one of the artist who's work I was just amazed with - M.C. Escher. Let me say that in high school (possibly during the same time while I had art class) I took several architecture classes, so I really enjoyed working with things like point-of-view and putting together drawings that represented real life. But that is what I find SO mind-boggling about his drawings, because even though they appear to be representing a fairly real life image such as the building in "Ascending and Descending" in all actuality when you look closer they are completely impossible architechtual feats. Whether it be people simultaneously constantly walking up stairs one direction and at the same time continuously down on the same set of stairs ("Ascending and Descending") or a waterfall that falls out of and lands in at the same level ("Waterfall"), M.C. Escher has drawn so many interesting, illusion-type things that I simply admire for their attention to detail and creative qualities. Another one of my favorite works of his is "Relativity" because if you just focus on a certain spot within the whole image there is absolutely nothing strange about it, they all seem to be fine and normal portrayals of someone interacting with the house. But when you step back and look at the whole scene you realize its just a twisted maze of different scenes that SOMEHOW all tie-together and work, you literally can turn the image 90 degrees in any direction and find normal reference points and it seems normal when in all reality its an abstract combination that is a complete optical illusion. I guess that is just my main interest with Escher, is his ability to visualize and capture these completely incomprehensible realities and make them appear (at least at first glance) to be just that - reality.