January 1, 2008

"Space Invasion"

Admittedly, I began looking at the works in the “Bohemian Press�
exhibit and really had no idea what it necessarily meant that they were
done through “printmaking.� With that as my starting point, I found the
most visually attractive piece to me personally to be the “Space Invasion�
one done by Paul Marty. It had several different stills somewhat visually
describing an attack by a invading alien Octopus-like creature. I found the
whole idea comical and it actually made me laugh, especially the “Krunch�
(yes, spelled like that) quotation around the part where the creature
seemingly swallows a missile fired at it. It was not until just before
leaving the exhibit that I heard how the black space in the work is the
actual ink and it is the negative space that is the true material the work
was created on. After hearing this, I was just looking at the pictures even
more astonished because it is unbelievable the detail that comes across by
actually using the negative space to tell the story of the image.