January 1, 2008

George Morrison - (Untitled) 1977

kathryn nash exhibit.jpg

(Up Close View of George Morrison's Untitled 1977 Drawing)

One of the first works that I came across and sparked my interest at the Kathryn Nash Exibit was an Untitled work by George Morrison which he did in 1977. What drew me in was how I found I could look at the drawing from different perspectives and it yielded different interpretations of what made up the work. Looking at the whole picture from a more distant perception, it appeared that the "waves" had an overall pattern with the lines intertwining. But when I got closer and would examine any given section of the whole work it felt like the interaction between the "waves" of lines was seemingly random and disconnected from surrounding patterns. Finally, after backing-out it again is back to appearing to have a strange sense of uniformity. I say "strange" simply because the work really seems to me like DOODLING taken to the GRAND scale, one that is extremely complex and involves a lot of thought. The term isn't meant to be demeaning, thats just simply how it first came across to me and is how I feel to best describe it. Also, just wanted to note that I found this the most interesting exhibit that we've gotten a chance to see up to this point, there were a lot of works that I really had me just shaking my head wondering how some people can be SO MUCH more artistically creative than me...ha...