January 1, 2008

Steven Rooney - "Britney"

The piece of art that I ended up deciding to discuss was one that initially I wasn't exactly drawn to. I was going around the 4th floor of Wilson Library looking at some of the different works and I for the most part looked at Steven Rooney's two paintings and then moved on. It wasn't until after I ready a little note beside the paintings that I went back and gave them another look. After looking more at his "Britney" oil paining on canvas, I looked at it differently having read some of his comments. I found it interesting how he said, "I do not like calling them abstractions because although they may look distorted or abstracted, they are in a direct response to what is real." So I went from before barely knowing or recognizing anything within the work to now feeling at least some understanding of what was going on. Its difficult to make out much more than the female's overall kneeling posture, along with her golden hair. Within the face of the subject there are eyes that are dark and soft which come off to me as she is really in a calm state. That calmness of "Britney" seems to be in sharp contrast to the complete abstract/active nature of the rest of the canvas. That is why I think initially I was somewhat distracted by the overall obscurity of the painting, but when I really tried to take it all in I feel like I got at least SOME of what the artist was trying to portray - which I often feel I have a difficult time doing when looking at art (especially really abstract stuff).