January 1, 2008

Weisman Art Museum

Paul Shambroom has his Picturing Power exhibit at the Weisman Art Museum. Level A HAZMAT Suit, Yellow (‚ÄúDisaster City‚Ä? National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center, Texas Engineering and Extension Service [TEEX], College Station, Texas), 2004 is a very long name for a picture of a man in a yellow HAZMAT suit in a picturesque forest. The picture was so powerful because it seems to show two opposites in the same spot. A pristine forest is usually associated with fresh air and peacefulness. However, the HAZMAT suit is usually designated for disasters and times of chaos, and putting the two together almost seems like it is some sort of abstract art, not a normal photograph. The context of the photograph is much different than the felling one gets from looking at the art. Because Paul has went around the country and has taken pictures of many law enforcement agencies and other ominous looking figures training in peaceful looking places the collection of the photos looks almost like the apocalypse. I think that he did a wonderful job on his exhibition, it is very colorful and it turns normal everyday sightings into another world.