January 1, 2008


Police SWAT, camouflage (Tuscon, Arizona, Police Department SWAT, “Terror Town� Playas Training Center, New Mexico), 2005
Pigmented Inkjet on canvas with varnish

This whole set of paintings is sort of odd, but ultimately I decided I like them. They aren’t really paintings per se, since they are pictures, but painted onto canvas. The man on screen is dressed in full SWAT uniform, and is posing for the camera. It really gives the image a GI Joe action figure ad type look, and makes it look very surreal. The man look very odd, and even the background desert looks off, while at the same time, everything looks traditional and authentic. I was trying to figure out what the artist was going for. If it is regarding 9-11, what does that mean? A lone guard in nature, not really prepared to help anybody… or training to help everybody?