January 1, 2008

Katherine Nash April Exhibit

As seen in previous posts, I really appreciate digital art. That is why this piece stuck out to me so much. It consisted of a few thousand little squares of digital images being projected onto a wall. There was random talking, some of the people were quiet, the piece in its entirety hosted a lot of faces! I appreciated the title, "When I finally learned to stop listening and enjoy the music." This was reflected in the piece because it was all sorts of clutter and randomness going on and you couldn't really make out what any one person was saying unless you concentrated super hard which was still very difficult. It reflects that a lot of times people try to listen to all sorts of voices inside and outside of their head and when you finally stop trying to focus on each one individually and just enjoy the collective whole is when you are most at peace. The whole gallery at Katherine Nash was very grand scale, and other exhibits such as the rock water-flow, the bricks, and more were all really neat! A lot of time was put into these projects which is very respectable.