January 1, 2008

Paradise and Purgatory

The piece I found was titled by a bible verse. Ezekial 1:5 and as I looked, behold, four heavenly creatures, and they had a wheel within a wheel, and their rims were full of eyes round about. By: Josie Lewis, cut paper, 2008. I thought it really neat that Josie chose to model a piece of art after a bible verse. I also really like the use of cut paper as a media for art. The entire piece is an eye, but it's made up of many small, cut, pieces of paper, which each have eyes on them. I like the blues, teals, and greens used with skin tones to make the eye realistic, but decorative. It relates well to the theme of the exhibit, Paradise and Purgatory, because it's symbolizing eyes of God, a wheel of eyes, that's always watching in order to judge: will it be paradise, or will it be purgatory?