January 1, 2008

Weisman Exhibit (replacing Spark)

The piece, Hunter/Prey by: Wesley Kimler, captured me because it requires one to use his/her imagination. It appears to contain random colors: blue, brown, and some red, yellow, and white. It is meant to depict a hunter and prey as the brown outlines a shape similar to that of a man and the prey appears to be in his hand as it's very red. The imagination aspect take play because the brush strokes are big and easy to see. It looks as though the piece started out with good intentions to be very realistic and then after a while, paint was splattered over the piece. A lot of it dripped down, creating a second "layer" or "mask" to the painting making it more surreal and interesting. I liked it, though, as it brought a true, realistic feeling with simple colors and big strokes.