January 15, 2008

BFA Exhibit

Artist: Lauren Haberly
Title: Julia
Medium: Etching
Year: 2008

I was drawn to this etching by student Lauren Haberly because of the strangely exotic and globby rendering of the main figure, Julia. The folds of her body, shown from a side view through the open door of the bathroom, seem to jiggle and shake even in repose, and yet Julia seems to survey herself admirably, even longingly. The etching is of very high quality, with smooth hatching and concise outline, and I really liked the artist's use of dark and light, especially the backdrop of the checkerboard tile of the bathroom. The position of the open door in the foreground leads us directly to Julia, setting up the frame of the figure as a powerful focal point. A really impressive piece, the artist seems to have a real gift as an engraver.