January 15, 2008

BFA Exhibit 2 (replacing Quarter Gallery scholarship show)

Artist: Krista MCuellar
Title: Static Movement I
Medium: Cast Bronze
Year: 2007

Henry Moore seems to have a lot of devotees at this University because I found, once again, a stellar work which typifies his style and whimsy. But this piece has something different and exciting to add to the bag as well: movement. I really love this piece, with its legs and torso seemingly caught in mid-air, headless, but curiously better for it. The left leg extends forward, while the right is cranked to bend as though its ready to take flight. The bronze used is dirty, even rustic looking, with just the right amount of weathering and texture, both in the round hole of the center as well over the of the piece at large. The overall shape is smooth and fluid, again, suggesting movement while stuck in time. A really outstanding piece by a very gifted sculptor.